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Cappella Living Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

As a premier senior living management and consulting company, we’re often asked how our business can help senior living communities thrive. Below you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. It’s our hope that they offer some valuable insight into how we help senior living communities reach their full potential.

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What is Cappella Living Solutions?

Cappella Living Solutions is a premier operator of senior living communities that helps our partners provide quality care for residents while promoting profitability. We work closely with Christian Living Communities and offer expertise in multiple disciplines that have an impact on the success of senior housing.

Do you offer senior housing management?

Yes, we specialize in the management of senior living communities across all services lines offered. We believe that every senior living community is unique. Which is why the foundation of our senior housing management approach is based in customized solutions. We get to know each communities’ strengths and work to promote financial stability, encourage staff and improve the resident experience.

Does Cappella Living Solutions consult on senior housing?

Our senior housing consulting strives to deliver transformational outcomes for our senior living clients. We have expertise in a wide variety of project types including community repositioning, occupancy challenges and more. The Cappella Living Solutions team has expertise in:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Change
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Clinical Expertise
  • Financial & Operational Audits

Does Cappella have experience managing senior living communities?

Yes, Cappella has a dedicated team ready to help you manage your senior living community or project. We take the time to customize our approach for every partner in a way that promotes financial stability, an enhanced resident experience and encourage team members. We help our partners reach a well-balanced mix of customer service and inclusiveness to help promote community growth.

How many senior living communities does Cappella manage?

In partnership with Christian Living Communities, we help manage 23 senior living communities and a home care service across seven states. For a more detailed look or if you’re looking for a senior living community, explore our map here.

How is Cappella Living Solutions affiliated with Christian Living Communities?

Christian Living Communities (CLC) is our parent organization and gives us a solid foundation for finding ways to enhance the lives of older adults. Together our vision is to help create senior living communities where aging is celebrated. To learn more about our partnership with CLC, click here .

Signature Programs

Does Cappella Living Solutions have a unique approach to memory care?

Our unique approach to memory care is called Rhythms Dementia Services. Cappella Living Solutions uses this approach to adapt to the natural rhythm of life for every memory care resident we serve. Part of this philosophy includes educating families and staff members about dementia to create a supportive environment.

How do you help senior living communities keep residents engaged and connected?

Finding a way to keep residents engaged and connected is important. Our Rhythms Life Enrichment philosophy is our way of learning more about each resident so we can honor their story. We take the time to get to know their background, passions and qualities. From there we create an environment where residents can find purpose.

What is your approach to senior home care?

Home care services have always been important since many older adults want to enjoy the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Our Rhythms Home Care gives seniors the opportunity to get assistance with dressing, bathing, medication reminders, transportation and more. We’re dedicated to offering expert home care to residents.

How does Cappella Living Solutions approach dining services at senior living communities?

Cappella Living Solutions has a unique approach to senior dining services called Duet Hospitality Group. Duet Hospitality encompasses nutrition, memorable experiences and dining excellence for residents, their families and team members at the communities. Each community adds their own personal touch to the program through “Heirloom Recipes” and “Teaching Kitchens.”


How important is hospitality when it comes to senior living communities?

We believe that certain elements of hospitality can be used to help senior living communities reach their full potential. For more information about hospitality and how it applies to senior living, download our white paper.

Does Cappella Living Solutions have any partners that help them accomplish their mission?

At Cappella Living Solutions, we work have a variety of partnerships that help us make our vision of senior living come true. Take a look at the partners who help us inspire more possibilities when it comes to leadership and strategic for senior living communities.

Hear what Our Clients Have to Say

"When we moved to Holly Creek we thought about what is visible, such as interiors, apartment layout, dining areas, which are all very nice but after living here for a year we have discovered what is most important is the people that live here and employees, who are all so considerate and kind who are at the HEART of Holly Creek. They make Holly Creek a special place in which to live."

- Don & Carol Furuta, Holly Creek Residents

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