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Our Unique Program Offerings

Cappella Living Solutions offers a wide array of unique and innovative programs for older adults, families and team members. Our package of programs comes with our management services for those communities we support but can also be purchased and customized through a consulting partnership.

CLC doesn’t just provide exceptional housing and care to older adults. We have a wide array of services and programs aimed at serving seniors, their families, and the greater community as a whole.

Rhythms Dementia Services

The innovative Rhythms approach from Cappella Living Solutions adapts to each person’s natural rhythm of life. We strive to educate everyone who is living with dementia—including families and communities—so that they feel supported and can provide support to others on the dementia journey.

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Principles and Beliefs that Drive Rhythms Dementia Services

Not only do we focus on the strengths of each individual, we learn about each person’s natural rhythm of life and adapt to that. To read more about the principles and beliefs that drive Rhythms Dementia Services, click here.

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Rhythms Life Enrichment

Our Rhythms Life Enrichment philosophy recognizes each person as a unique individual with their own qualities, backgrounds and interests. We endeavor to honor each person’s story while encouraging growth, learning and community enrichment.

This philosophy is based on four cornerstones of healthy aging:

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Rhythms Home Care

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Our home care services include transportation, help with dressing and bathing and medication reminders. Our caring and compassionate home care team serves the greater Denver metro area and is dedicated to providing the additional support you need for a successful life.

Duet Hospitality

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Duet Hospitality encompasses nutrition, dining excellence, and creating memorable experiences for residents, families and team members.  Our program draws on the strength and experience of the international parent company Compass Group in harmony with our organizational culture of exploration and empowerment.  Each community customizes their experience from a wide-array of programs such as celebrating family favorites with “Heirloom Recipes” to continual education opportunities with our “Teaching Kitchens.”