Coronavirus Update

Update 2/8/21

1st Dose Vaccine Clinics Complete with High Vaccination Rates 

CLC & Cappella operated communities are beating the national averages for vaccination rates. All of the first dose clinics are complete in 21 of the 22 communities owned and managed by CLC & Cappella Living Solutions. Eight of the eligible pharmacy vaccine clinic communities have already reached a 95% or higher resident vaccination rate, well above the national average of 77.8% according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Team member vaccination rates are strong and climbing with some communities opting to stagger associate vaccinations between the three clinics. 21 of the 22 CLC-Cappella operations are working with the federal CVS and Walgreens vaccine clinic program. All communities will be through their third in-community clinics by March 25th. One community, Bella Vita in Aurora, Colorado was not eligible for the program because it is a 55+ independent living apartment building. CLC-Cappella worked hard to secure an in-community vaccine clinic for Bella Vita residents, and we anticipate their first clinic will be later this month. Our organizational goal is to have 90% of residents and 80% of team members vaccinated by June 1st. We look forward to the day that life can return to normal in our communities. In the mean-time, we are working to safely re-open some services and programs as our vaccination rates continue to climb, while always following best-in-class virus mitigation protocols and continuing to wear masks.

Update 12/24/20

Thanks to strong community partnerships, the first caregiver vaccinations for Casey’s Pond were performed yesterday, with many more clinics to vaccinate residents and team members scheduled across Cappella communities over the coming weeks.

Read more here.

Update 12/3/20

CLC-Cappella Communities to Receive Vaccine

At an emergency meeting on December 1st, the Advisory Community on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommended that health care personnel and residents of long-term care communities would be first to receive the COVID-19 vaccination once the vaccine has been authorized by the FDA, which could come as soon as mid-December.
Get all the details here

Update 11/12/20

CLC-Cappella Town Hall Webinar

CLC-Cappella will host a Town Hall Webinar for all residents, team members and families associated with any of our 23 supported communities. In the webinar we will provide the latest status update regarding COVID-19, clinical preparedness and directives, holiday plans and visits and review state specific mandates. We will answer questions previously submitted to .  We look forward to sharing more with everyone Thursday, November 19th on the CLC-Cappella Town Hall webinar. Please be sure to register at

Thursday, November 19, 2020

4pm MT | 5pm CT | 6pm ET

Update 6/25/20

Family Town Hall Webinar

It is important to Cappella Living Solutions to offer ongoing education and information about measures we are taking to ensure the health and happiness of residents. For the past several months, CLC-Cappella has provided eight Family Town Hall webinars. Moving forward, communications and updates will come from our communities, providing information specific to them as well as organization-wide updates. If the COVID-19 situation warrants, we will again host organizational Town Halls.

You can view the last organizational Town Hall Webinar for Colorado communities pre-recorded on June 25th here.

Update 6/12/20

Family Town Hall Webinar

We hope you were able to participate in our Family Town Hall webinar on Thursday, June 11, where Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions organizational leaders spoke on what steps are being taken to keep residents both healthy and happy during this crisis. If you missed it you may watch it here.

Update 6/8/20

Family Town Hall Webinar

Our next Family Town Hall webinar is on Thursday, June 11, where you will hear from Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions organizational leaders on the latest information on what we are doing to combat COVID-19 in our community as well as what additional newly evaluated processes and procedures our community may soon be able to accommodate. Questions may be submitted in advance to Register for the webinar here.

Update 5/29/20

New Procedures for Health and Happiness Visits

We are excited to share some good news. As many states are moving from “Stay at Home” to “Safer at Home” restrictions, Christian Living Communities-Cappella’s leadership team has been working to distill directives and evaluate procedures in order to strike a balance between the crucial need to maintain the physical health of residents with mental health that leads to happiness.

We have developed new procedures pertaining to in-person visits via a plexiglass divider, self-isolation after essential appointments, residents who are able, to drive themselves to essential appointments, and excursions, which vary by community based on virus activity within the community, state regulations, and level of care. In all levels of living, state directives supersede new procedures. Information on what we are preparing for residents and families was shared at our May 28th Family Town Hall Webinar which you can view here.

This is an unprecedented time, and every decision we make is with the health and happiness of residents, families, and team members in mind. We are diligently planning, resourcing materials, and training staff on the new operational procedures. We appreciate your patience and understanding as it will take some time to implement these new guidelines. Please contact us at with any questions.

While we are overjoyed that residents can enjoy greater freedoms and in-person family visits, we are still facing a virus that disproportionally affects older adults. We ask that everyone continue to do all they can to stay healthy and be mindful of the risk of exposure to this virus. Residents must stay well for our community to be well.

Thank you for your continued support as we celebrate residents and families as they make new memories!

Update 5/20/20

Town Hall webinar for Families on the COVID-19 Virus

Please join us for the Family Town Hall Webinar on May 28th. You will hear from Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions organizational leaders on what steps are being taken to combat the virus in the communities, you may register for the Webinar here. Please submit any questions beforehand to

Update 5/14/20

Town Hall webinar for Families on the COVID-19 Virus

We hope you were able to join us for the Family Town Hall Webinar on May 14th. You will hear from Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions organizational leaders on what steps are being taken to combat the virus in the communities, you may watch the Webinar here.

Update 5/1/20

Town Hall webinar for Families on the COVID-19 Virus

We hope you were able to join us for the Family Town Hall Webinar on April 30th. You will hear from Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions organizational leaders on what steps are being taken to combat the virus in the communities, you may watch the Webinar here.

Update 4/17/20

Town Hall Recording for Families

We hope you were able to join us for the Family Town Hall Webinar on April 16th. Due to very high attendance, some participants were unable to join or lost the connection. You will find the complete recording of the webinar here.

Additionally, there will be a new Town Hall Webinar on April 30th at 4 pm MT.  You can register for that webinar with this link.


Update 4/13/20

New Town Hall webinar for Families on the COVID-19 Virus

April 16th, 4pm MT | 5pm CT | 6pm ET

As always we will share the latest information about our organizational efforts to combat COVID-19 as well as answer questions people pre-submit to

Registration URL

Update 4/8/20

Senior Living Communities in Need of More Personal Protective Equipment

Christian Living Communities asking for PPE donations

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in senior housing communities. However, recent state health department and federal directives have made that need even more urgent.

Senior housing communities are being directed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to isolate and treat non-life-threatening cases of COVID-19 inside their respective communities instead of sending residents to the hospital. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a similar directive.

As a result, senior living care partners/staff need additional PPE to care for residents. Hospitals and first responders are first in line to receive PPE when stock becomes available, which compounds the difficulty of obtaining supplies. Many senior housing providers, including Denver-based Christian Living Communities and its senior living management business Cappella Living Solutions (CLC/Cappella), are exploring all resources to keep their team members and residents protected.

“Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of residents and team members,” said Nathalie Knopp, a registered nurse and Director of Clinical Staff Development for Christian Living Communities. “In order to safely identify, isolate and eradicate the virus as soon as possible, we must have an adequate supply of PPE.”

Because of this, CLC/Cappella is asking for the public’s help to find more PPE.

If you can donate PPE supplies, or have leads on where more PPE can be purchased or procured, you’re asked to email:


“The communities that care for older adults, the most compromised individuals in our current situation, need PPE for the safety of both team members and residents,” said Pam Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Communication and Strategy for CLC/Cappella. “Because senior housing communities are directed to care for older adults with a positive COVID-19 test onsite. We are competing with hospitals for the same equipment, its important senior care communities are considered at the same level as hospitals for distributions of PPE.”

Sullivan says her organization is also now taking homemade cloth mask donations. “We will give those to our care partners to put over their surgical masks so that the homemade cloth mask protects the surgical mask from becoming contaminated, compromised or wet – helping us preserve our PPE supply longer,” explained Sullivan.

Originally published in YourHub of The Denver Post

Update 4/6/20

A Note from Camille Burke- Interim CEO

Dear CLC – Cappella Family,

Together, we WILL get through this. This is a phrase our leadership team uses daily. It is essential to say often as now, more than ever, we as a community of caring people must come together, and each do our part to combat the spread of Coronavirus. We must care for one another in significant ways during this difficult and uncertain time.

My personal commitment – to cherished residents and clients, to team members working tirelessly in all 24 communities, and to the supportive families — is simply this:  We will do everything in our power to protect EVERYONE who lives and works in EVERY community.

While this is not the ideal time for the CLC Board of Directors to embark on a search for a new CEO as Terry Rogers has left for a new position in Florida,  please know the organization is stable, secure, and capable. I am confident in the team. I have faith in the organization.

I have been a part of the CLC-Cappella family for 16 years, 13 of those as the Chief Operating Officer. I have served as the President of Cappella. Our team is highly-trained, long-tenured and dedicated. We are CALLED to the work we do. I am humbled and inspired at how everyone has come together and put others ahead of themselves.

As I undertake the role of Interim CEO, I have named Pam Sullivan as the Interim Senior Vice President of Strategy and Communication. Pam has also been with the organization for 16 years. In this role, she will serve as the lead project manager for large organizational initiatives. She has been managing the COVID-19 response since early March. Additionally, three of our Vice Presidents will report to her for daily operational support during this interim CEO time frame.

We are all on high alert, and the developing situation is under constant scrutiny. We continue to respond to all developments with professionalism and compassion, keeping the safety of residents and team members as our highest priority. TOGETHER, WE WILL get through this.

Most sincerely,

Camille M. Burke | Interim Chief Executive Officer

Update 4/6/20

Cappella Living Solutions to pay Work Bonuses for Hard Working Team Members

Thank you, CLC/Cappella Team Members for your dedication to delivering compassionate and quality care to residents during this challenging time.

We have been rewarding front-line team members with incentive bonuses and will continue to do through May 2, 2020. Recently we awarded $18,000 in incentives to over 30% of our staff.  To all of our CLC/Cappella team members, We!Celebrate you and We!Care about you.

Update 4/2/20

The Advantages of Senior Living Communities in Times of “Social Distancing”

To stop the spread of coronavirus, health officials have instructed the public to practice social distancing, which means staying home, avoiding crowds, and keeping your distance—at least 6 feet—from others. Many people who have been self-quarantined for the past week feel lonely and frightened, although they know their isolation is for the greater good.
Senior living communities, if managed properly, can provide significant advantages to residents and their families with strong prevention protocols, access to medical monitoring, and safe socialization.

Senior Living Communities can be a safer place to live

The clinical teams that are part of our senior living communities receive daily briefings from government and health professionals and are able to keep residents informed with accurate, up-to-date information. These teams can adapt that information into evolving protocols and procedures, and provide immediate training to all team members. Residents can rest assured knowing they are receiving the best care available to keep older adults protected.
Highly trained and experienced team members know the protocols for preventing viruses, and they are equipped with proper protective gear and the appropriate disinfectants for even tough viruses like Norovirus.

Residents enjoy nutritious meals every day

Although communal dining is not available given CDC guidelines for social distancing, our senior living community is still providing nutritious meals for our residents. Many older people rely on restaurants to eat and don’t cook for themselves. With the current closure of restaurants and empty shelves at many grocery stores because of panicked hoarding, elders may struggle to get the nutrition they need when they live alone. In our communities, we continue to provide high-quality meals delivered directly to resident apartments to help keep bodies healthy.

There is plenty to do at a Senior Living Community

Our dedicated staff is an extension of our residents’ families. After following all proper infection control and safety protocols, team members continue to show up daily in resident apartments and suites, providing care as well as much-needed human interaction.

Recently, teams got creative keeping residents busy and cheerful with activities like daily brain games, hallway bingo, SingFit music, and happy hours. Rather than the usual pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day, a group of residents enjoyed Rueben sandwiches and trivia while a cart that went room to room with beer flights to commemorate the occasion instead.
Residents love the friendly faces of our staff and appreciate the enrichment these interactions provide.

Residents get help connecting with technology

Research has shown that loneliness and social isolation can be damaging to our health. Social distancing has made technology more valuable than ever before, but the reality is that many older adults don’t have the latest devices in their homes to communicate with loved ones during self-quarantine.
Our communities are equipped with technology to help residents stay connected with their family and friends. We are utilizing a variety of video platforms, including Facetime and Skype, so that residents can have meaningful dialogue with family and friends and still see their children and grandchildren. This helps ensure residents don’t miss important milestones during this time of isolation.

Trained Medical Professionals

Even with proper social distancing, all senior are at risk for COVID-19. In a community, residents have immediate access to trained medical professionals. They are monitored on a daily basis and when illness occurs, it can be more quickly treated. Those same professionals are also educated when it comes to taking extensive steps to prevent illness from spreading to other residents.

This is a far less lonely time for our residents than it is for other seniors—especially those who live alone. Not only are there more opportunities for fun and safe socializing, but our residents have access to better nutrition, medical care, and supplies. As COVID-19 continues to test the bonds that connect us all, our residents can benefit from the advantages of community living.

Update 4/2/20

Cappella Living Solutions featured in Rocky Mountain PBS for COVID-19 Response

View the story and hear from leaders at Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions in regard to how we are responding to the challenges the Senior Living and Healthcare industries face as a result of the global spread of COVID-19.

Update 4/2/20

Cappella Living Solutions Seeks New Sources for PPE

Personal protective equipment is the key to preventing the spread of COVID-19.  Leaders at Cappella Living Solutions are scouring the globe to secure additional equipment for teams protecting residents, and appealing for local donations.

Update 3/31/20

Cappella Living Solutions to Host Town Hall Webinar for Families

CLC-Cappella will host a combined family member town hall in order to share the latest developments in combating the COVID-19 virus in all 24 of our supported communities. Our focus remains on the safety and well-being of everyone who lives and works in each community. We want to ensure families are informed as to the current situation, what steps are being taken and to learn how families and friends can help out.

If you missed the live webinar, you can listen to the recording here.

Town Hall Recording



Thank you for your support during this crisis. Together, we can get through this.

Update 3/14/20

Updated status for Colorado Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing Communities

We continue to work closely with state and local officials to balance resident safety, team member safety, and access for families and healthcare partners during heightened COVID-19 concerns. While no cases have been identified in our Cappella Living Solution Communities, we are now implementing new CMS and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment directives to restrict access to our skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory support neighborhoods. This means that no visitors will be allowed within the assisted living, memory support or skilled neighborhoods at this time unless they are part of the required care team for an individual resident. Compassion visits may be accommodated for loved ones of a resident who is actively in an end of life situation. Such visitors will be screened and their temperatures taken before entering the community.


Additionally, CMS guidelines require us to no longer host dining services in our dining rooms; residents will receive their meals in their apartments or suites. Life enrichment group activities are also canceled at this time.


Residential and independent living neighborhoods continue to screen all Guests for symptoms and we are encouraging social distancing. As we have no COVID-19 cases in the community, we continue to welcome new residents into all levels of living.


We are doing everything we can to ensure residents are well cared for, but also that they continue to have joy and purpose during these restrictions. These measures are an attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing and isolation are the only proven way to stop the spread of the virus. We will work with families to help them connect with their loved one via technologies as Face-time, Skype and video conferencing.  As always, resident’s health and wellbeing are our primary concerns.

Update 3/12/20

Cappella Living Solutions VP of Clinical and Compliance interviewed on KUSA 9News regarding Virus Prevention Protocol

Learn how our Clinical Team wrote the book on virus prevention and how this is keeping residents in our communities safe.

Update 3/12/20

New Federal Directives Help Protect Cappella Living Solutions Communities

We are now implementing new federal directives aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 in senior living communities. The Centers for Medicare/Medicare Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have determined that if a skilled nursing community, assisted living community, or memory support community is in a county or operates in a county that is adjacent to a county that has had a positive case of COVID-19, we MUST limit visitors.

What does this mean for Cappella Living Solutions and our communities? We are limiting visits to our communities that fall within those guidelines specifically for residents in skilled nursing, assisted living or memory support neighborhoods. Those residents will be allowed visitors for essential needs only, such as supportive care and family visit in end-of-life situations. Visits must be brief. All visitors will complete our screening protocol, which includes a few questions about their current health, and they will need to wash their hands to enter.

We know this can be discouraging for family members.  However, we know this is the only proven way to stop the spread of the virus. In the meantime, we are happy to forward a note or card to a resident and will help them connect with loved ones via technology like Skype or FaceTime.

Our team is committed to doing all that we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone who lives and works in the community.

Watch NBC news coverage of our virus prevention protocol

Update 3/10/20

Coronavirus Precautions Benefiting Older Adults in Cappella Communities

As we work our way through managing the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation we continually try to find a balance between safety and good health and resident choice and freedom. This is especially challenging since older adults are in the highest risk category for the viruses negative effects.  However, a Cappella Living Solutions community is well prepared due to the highly effective virus prevention protocols we employ in communities every day.  In fact, these preventative measures and leadership vigilance might make a senior living community a safer place than your own home.

Learn more about how we are prepared to prevent, contain and eliminate the virus if the need arises.

Update 3/2/20

Coronavirus Preparedness for Senior Living Communities

The coronavirus is now spreading across the United States and with recent news of deaths due to the virus in a Washington state nursing home, the concern is understandably high for the communities we support. The health of residents and team members is the highest priority at Cappella Living Solutions. That is why several weeks ago the CLC-Cappella clinical team created a Coronavirus specific policy and procedure based on our very effective Norovirus protocol. We have actively trained community teams and are continuing to schedule regular briefings and updates including an organization-wide Town Hall discussion on Wednesday morning with all community leaders.

Read more about out Coronavirus preparedness on the Christian Living Communities website

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about our approach to mitigating viruses in our community, call us at 720-974-3555 or email us at

Latest CMS/CDC Directives and our Communities

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