Serving the Next-Generation Senior: Colorado Real Estate Journal

In the News  |  March 12, 2019


The Colorado Real Estate Journal featured The Retreat at Sunny Vista and our innovative approaches to community development. The following is an excerpt from that article.

The next-generation senior is more socially and digitally connected, will work later in life and has less financial means for retirement than the preceding generations. They have a higher lifestyle demand for fitness, wellness, culinary options and technology. They want larger living spaces, more services and entertainment options, all in an era when financial means for retirement is in decline.

To support a strategic and successful realignment or remodeling effort existing communities must build to respond to a new set of desires and expectations. Current and future residents want to thrive, to lead an exciting life, to be in vibrant environments, participate in social events and be connected to a healthy culture and lifestyle.

Let’s examine a few strategies for today’s successful repositioning:

  • Market analysis: Know your market, current and future drivers and where your competition is heading, and the economics of your target market.
  • Financial analysis and proforma: Have an in-depth understanding of financial parameters and create a realistic budget for building construction and physical enhancements.

Read more… the article goes on to describe many of the innovative approaches to fulfilling the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s older adults.

We own and manage senior living communities alongside our parent company, Christian Living Solutions.

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