Senior Living Communities in Need of More Personal Protective Equipment

In the News  |  April 8, 2020

Christian Living Communities asking for PPE donations

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a need for personal protective equipment (PPE) in senior housing communities. However, recent state health department and federal directives have made that need even more urgent.

Senior housing communities are being directed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to isolate and treat non-life-threatening cases of COVID-19 inside their respective communities instead of sending residents to the hospital. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a similar directive.

As a result, senior living care partners/staff need additional PPE to care for residents. Hospitals and first responders are first in line to receive PPE when stock becomes available, which compounds the difficulty of obtaining supplies. Many senior housing providers, including Denver-based Christian Living Communities and its senior living management business Cappella Living Solutions (CLC/Cappella), are exploring all resources to keep their team members and residents protected.

“Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of residents and team members,” said Nathalie Knopp, a registered nurse and Director of Clinical Staff Development for Christian Living Communities. “In order to safely identify, isolate and eradicate the virus as soon as possible, we must have an adequate supply of PPE.”

Because of this, CLC/Cappella is asking for the public’s help to find more PPE.

If you can donate PPE supplies, or have leads on where more PPE can be purchased or procured, you’re asked to email:


“The communities that care for older adults, the most compromised individuals in our current situation, need PPE for the safety of both team members and residents,” said Pam Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Communication and Strategy for CLC/Cappella. “Because senior housing communities are directed to care for older adults with a positive COVID-19 test onsite. We are competing with hospitals for the same equipment, its important senior care communities are considered at the same level as hospitals for distributions of PPE.”

Sullivan says her organization is also now taking homemade cloth mask donations. “We will give those to our care partners to put over their surgical masks so that the homemade cloth mask protects the surgical mask from becoming contaminated, compromised or wet – helping us preserve our PPE supply longer,” explained Sullivan.

Originally published in YourHub of The Denver Post

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