Movement 4 Life Reduces Falls

Health & Wellness  |  May 13, 2021

Improving Mental and Physical Health for Older Adults

The quarantine and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic have led to a decrease in movement for most people worldwide, including our seniors. Unfortunately, decreased movement has caused an increase in falls in communities across the world. Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions has seen increases in resident weakness and deconditioning, which has had an effect on overall resident well-being. As a result, in January 2021, we set a goal to reduce falls by 10% by helping improve residents’ balance, strength, and endurance with a new program called Movement 4 Life (M4L).

The program, developed in partnership with Infinity Rehab and our Life Enrichment team, consists of four simple exercises. Our interdisciplinary teams work with residents every day to encourage these functional movements during activities of daily living, making fall reduction a top priority community wide.

The Four Pillars of Fall Reduction

While resident exercise is critical to fall reduction, so is team education and protocol. We developed the Four Pillars of Fall Reduction to help make sure our team is doing everything possible to help reduce falls. These pillars are: Education, Assess, Accountability and Response.

Our community teams maintain their fall prevention education with quarterly tools designed to keep them at the top of their game so they can help residents move every day, throughout the day, safely. When a fall does occur, our team has a process in place to assess what happened, why, and how to prevent a similar situation in the future.

Movement 4 Life Results

While we still have the rest of the year to go, we are excited by the preliminary results that show significant reduction in falls across our communities.

Our communities showed a 69% positive change in fall rates from January to February 2021 after implementation of the Movement 4 Life program. One of our communities even reported zero falls for two months in a row! The fall committee will be evaluating the fall goals, tracking progress, and celebrating fall reduction achievements throughout 2021. We look forward to presenting the results. Fall reduction is helping our residents improve their overall well-being and live an overall happier, fulfilled life. Learn more about the Movement 4 Life program here.

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