Making the News for Our New Approaches to Team Member Care and Retention

In the News  |  April 19, 2019


The following is an excerpt from an article from McKnight’s Long-Term Care News. If you’d like to read the full article, visit their website.

Colorado is a state with a 3.7% unemployment rate. That makes it challenging to retain qualified workers in hospitality and senior care.

So Cappella Living Solutions and Christian Living Communities (CLC) began to look at ways to be recognized for the values and rewards they give employees. Their efforts allowed the communities of Holly Creek, Someren Glen, Bella Vita, Clermont Park and Dayspring Villa, Assisted Living Community each to be labeled as a Great Place To Work!

Over the past few years, CLC/Cappella began adding programs to entice employees to join and stay. “We had a series of strategic initiatives and one of them had to do with how to distinguish ourselves in the marketplace,” CLC’s Executive Director of Human Resources Jan Roth told me. “We asked, ‘How do we develop best practices and keep those people for a long time?’”

[One of the new initiatives relates to a benefit around team members’ need for quick access to funds.] CLC and Cappella embraced flexible hours and pay options – including using PayActiv, which allows employees to obtain wages that have been earned but unpaid.

“PayActiv is fairly new to us — we had a salary advance program forever but there was a bureaucracy and you had to wait, so we really wanted a platform that would allow immediate access to earned wages,” Roth said. “It’s been very welcome to our team members.”

The company has a philosophy of “putting money back into our team members’ pockets,” she explained. Referral bonuses can be up to $300, while team members can also cash out their paid time off at the end of the year. A critical needs fund, where residents can submit monetary gifts, has been deployed more than a dozen times in the past year. The fund can provide up to $1,000 to a team member in a crisis, related to issues such as housing, medical bills or transportation needs.

We own and manage senior living communities alongside our parent company, Christian Living Solutions.

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