Finding Gratitude in the Aging Process

Leadership  |  November 11, 2021


Having a spirit and culture of gratitude not only improves lives but relationships and organizations as well. On this Thankful Thursday, we shift our focus to finding gratitude in the aging process and the gifts it brings. Research shows that if we embrace the momentum and positive things that come with aging, we’ll likely have a better and longer life.

In her blog, A New Wrinkle on Aging, President and CEO Jill Vitale-Aussem shares a heart to heart conversation she recently had with a group of residents and the wisdom that comes with aging.

One day, I was talking with a group of women in one of our communities. It was a casual conversation. They were talking about what a drag it is to get old—the wrinkles, the aches, the myriad doctor appointments, and so on. These ladies were lobbing ailments and complaints back and forth so quickly I could barely keep up.

It struck me that this was an opportunity to change the conversation. So I asked this simple question, “What’s awesome about aging?”


About the Author

Jill Vitale-AussemJill Vitale-Aussem serves as President & CEO of Christian Living Communities, a Colorado-based, not-for-profit, faith-based organization serving more than 3,000 older adults and their families through its 23 owned and managed communities located in six states as well as its services of adult day, home care and consulting.

We own and manage senior living communities alongside our parent company, Christian Living Communities.

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"When we moved to Holly Creek we thought about what is visible, such as interiors, apartment layout, dining areas, which are all very nice but after living here for a year we have discovered what is most important is the people that live here and employees, who are all so considerate and kind who are at the HEART of Holly Creek. They make Holly Creek a special place in which to live."

- Don & Carol Furuta, Holly Creek Residents

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