Creativity Flourishes At Casey’s Pond

Our Communities  |  April 16, 2017


On a sunny afternoon on a homey third-floor apartment, three cardinals were drawn on a page with care. The man who drew them was intent on his work and seemingly proud of the result as all who looked upon it commented favorably. He does not speak, but nods his head “yes” and “no” to questions. You can tell from the curve of his lips into a slight smile that he is happy with his work, that the time has been fulfilling and well-spent.

The apartment is the newly created Creative Arts Center at Casey’s Pond in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The man is John, a resident of the Doak Walker House at Casey’s Pond. The setting is a Creative Arts class for residents living with dementia or significant impairments.

John’s excitement for this new class offering was evident when, on the second week of class, he skipped breakfast and wheeled himself to the Community Life office to request to go do art, the first time he has made a request such as this. Since then, he has attended class every Friday, fully engaged in whatever the project may be, often staying longer than his peers to finish his work.

The Art Facilitator is Tara Stroman, a Community Life and Concierge staff member. This vision of creating a program to engage residents living with dementia or significant impairments took fruition February 2nd when the Creative Arts Center opened to rave reviews from a jam-packed group of residents and staff.

There is a sewing table, an interactive station for staff to do one-on-one engagements, a painting table, a kitchen for cooking demos or cooking classes and an area for art class. Additionally, there are display cases so that residents’ work can be viewed by others.

Plus, the Alzheimer’s Association now offers Memories in the Making program, and Colorado Mountain College offers art workshops two times a month which have included Color Theory, Yarn Painting, Blind Contour Drawing and Drawing Basics.

Creativity has flourished at Casey’s Pond in the two short months since the Creative Arts Center opened, and we are excited to see what other beautiful and inspiring stories and artwork will emerge.

By Cathy Reese, Lifestyle Director, Casey’s Pond

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