Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions GO Olympics

Our Communities  |  October 7, 2021

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Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions decided to host, Go Olympics or better known as Growth Opportunity Games, to acknowledge communities that are incorporating our values effectively. CLC is based on our We! Values. These values are broken out into 3 categories: We! Embrace the possibilities through integrity and leadership in all that we do. We! Care for each other while serving with love and compassion. We! Celebrate that we are united and value and respect each otherโ€™s unique contributions. These action value statements were created to support our programs and culture in all our CLC communities. We! values are what unites us as a dedicated team together striving for our vision of creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.


We! Celebrate

Our first gold medal for Go Olympics goes to a Cappella-managed community, Walnut Crossing for positive review promotion. To increase the online review presence, Walnut Crossing created a fun and highly successful contest to engage staff, residents, and family to leave online reviews. They went from 8 reviews with a 2.8 rating to 132 reviews and a new 4.8 rating. They believe this promoted more move-ins (56 from January to July) and their community is currently full.

The staff are wonderful and always go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome here. They go above and beyond to make sure the residents are happy especially during this pandemic. They truly become family. โ€“ Krystol D.

We! Care

Our second gold medal for Go Olympics goes out to Cappella Managed community, Demaree Crossing for caring about their staff. To improve staff retention, Demaree Crossing added interactive components to in-service meetings, awarded prizes, started Employee of the Month, writing thank you notes, and invited staff to participate more with resident activities. Results showed an improvement from 0% retention of employees hired in January 2021 to 86% retention of employees hired in July 2021. Also, a staff survey shows 70% of staff like the retention methods, and 90% feel appreciated by their direct supervisor. Happy staff leads to Employee Retention which leads to Happy residents which leads to Happy families

Team members say that working at Demaree Crossing doesnโ€™t feel like a job; it feels like home. It starts with the culture, training, and expectations of supporting our communities and each team member in them to grow and flourish. Watch this video to understand the community culture at Demaree.

We! Embrace Possibilities

Walnut Crossing earned a second gold medal for Go Olympics in the category We! Embrace the Possibilities. The Multi-Sensory Lounge at Walnut Crossing was started to have a safe and soothing space for residents suffering from dementia. They budgeted and repurposed an unused space to create a calming state for each resident using multi-sensory methods. Before and after responses showed in real time the positive reaction of residents being able to relax without medication. This helped the residents, their families, and the care staff.

Christian Living Communities and Cappella Living Solutions

CLC and Cappella help residents grow through meaningful relationships in comfortable and enriching surroundings. The only way we can do this in all our communities is through our wonderful team members. They truly do carry the We! Values with them each and every day when assisting residents in our communities. Each of our senior living communities has a unique culture, with a distinct personality, offering a place where residents feel known and appreciated. Community life is vibrant with celebration, as well as restorative with quiet respite and individualized care.

We own and manage senior living communities alongside our parent company, Christian Living Communities.

Hear what Our Clients Have to Say

"When we moved to Holly Creek we thought about what is visible, such as interiors, apartment layout, dining areas, which are all very nice but after living here for a year we have discovered what is most important is the people that live here and employees, who are all so considerate and kind who are at the HEART of Holly Creek. They make Holly Creek a special place in which to live."

- Don & Carol Furuta, Holly Creek Residents

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