Celebrating the Power of Gratitude on Thankful Thursday

Cappella Living Solutions  |  November 18, 2021

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This Thankful Thursday, we want to give thanks for “rolling with it!” If you tried to tune in on Tuesday, November 16th for our “The Power of Gratitude” Facebook Live event, you quickly realized something was wrong! We had several technical difficulties, yet Jill, Jim, and Lynn just kept rolling with the punches, and we ended up recording most of the session, which we now share with you today. Watch the edited video and discussion below:

In the video, you’ll hear about the benefits of practicing gratitude, how gratitude can help pull you through hard times and grief, and tips on how to practice gratitude in your everyday life.


  • Opens the door to more relationships
  • Improves sleep and physical health
  • Improves psychological health
  • Reduces aggression and enhances empathy
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Increases resiliency and mental strength

Source: Psychology Today, author Amy Morin

To practice gratitude in your everyday life…

  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Share your gratitude with others (it doesn’t have to be a gift)
  • Remember the bad times
  • “Feel” gratitude through your senses
  • Watch your language
  • Go through the motions

Source: Mindful.org

We encourage you watch this video and then ask yourself, your family members and maybe even those you work with, how has practicing more gratitude impacted you? What tips work for you, what don’t? Talking about gratitude helps spread it!

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